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artists - current and past collaborators

Current & Recent Collaborators:

Sia Sumana - painter

Maisie Jowett - sculpture/environmental practice

Daniel Regan - photographer - www.danielregan.photography/

Dolores Fasulo - illustrator - http://doloresfasulo.blogspot.com

Serena Nassini - painter and musician - www.serenanassini.com

Ritu Sood - www.ritu-sood.com/

Anna Winstanley - multi-media practice, currently CSKX Trustee

Elsbeth Van der Poel - https://elsbethillustrations.wordpress.com

Antonia Attwood - https://antoniaattwood.com/

Associated Artists:

Paola Piccato - dancer - www.arts.clara.net/arts/Paola_Piccato.html

Jo Syz - Filmmaker and photographer - www.josyz.com

Aida Gomez - www.aidagomez.info/contact

Victoria Coster - Mixed/multi-media - www.victoriacoster.com

Bunny Schendler - Film and animation - http://bunnyschendler.blogspot.com

Artists who have worked with, exhibited, and been commissioned by CSKX include:

Gareth Jones, Terry Smith, Nicky Hirst, Carolyn Roy, Ingrid Hoglund, Sonja Alhauser, Betina Hoffmann, Dan Hays, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Andrew Davenport, Jane and Louise Wilson, Paul Hopton

Current Trustees:

Craig Sheppard, Tania Inowlocki, Anna Winstanley

Secretary: Leo Smith

CSKX Studios is an artist led Charity based in Camden, London, undertaking collaborative arts projects within education and across local communities.
Contact: contact@cskx.org
Company No.: 3426424 (England and Wales)
Registered Charity No.:1067478